August 2017

Alsace vacation

This summer I went on a beautiful and cultural camping trip with my lovely girlfriend. We went to a region in northern France known for it's wine and "German" looking housing and architecture. The Alsace went through an eventful history in which it changed country between France and Germany before settling for France after world war two. This gave the region a unique architectural look and culture. Typical German food such as sauerkraut have their own local version called Choucroute. Most notably the region is known for it's wine, specifically white wine. Everywhere you look there are vineyards, and scattered near the "Wine Route" which runs trough the region there are "Cave". These are not the giant underground structures made by running ground water, but cellars filled with locally produced wine. These places provide the opportunity to have a taste at the best wines the region has to offer.


The camping we stayed at was located in a busy but beautiful town called Ribeauvillé. We where able to find our own spot on the camp site and settled on a beautifully shaded one. During our walk we ran into some of the many storks staying in the region, some of which seemed to like the people staying at the camp site.

After relaxing for a bit we headed into town. Upon arriving we noticed there was some kind of "pink" festival going on with people dressed up in pink clothes and different bands playing.

Colmar festivities

After walking around for a bit we had a drink with a rock cover band playing ACDC in the background. The local honey factories also wanted to join in on the fun and tried to have a sip of the sugary goodness that was my drink. They where sneaky but I managed to get a picture of one flying away satisfied with his meal.

Ribeauvillé being an old town it has all kind of interesting streets to explore.

One Iconic building of Ribeauvillé is the tower/gate called butchers tower build in the 13th century, located in the centre of town.

A little further the street provided a beautiful view of the biggest of the three old castles that used to tower above Ribeauvillé. We will be going there for a closer look soon...